Master of Science in Business Analytics

GBA 6761 Business Analytics Challenges 1: Innovation And Idea Development, Team Science (2 credit)

Work effectively in cross -functional teams. Nature of teams- types of groups and teams, team objectives, roles, norms, and rules. Team stages of development. Team characteristics and how they affect team functioning. Team cohesiveness, factors affecting team cohesiveness, its advantages and disadvantages. Role of conformity and deviance in team performance. Team task interdependence and decision-making Effective communication and conflict management in teams. Design thinking, creative problem solving and innovation in teams.


  • Students who entered MSBA program before 1/1/2023 will still follow the original curriculum with GBA 6761 (1 unit), GBA 6762 (2 units), and GBA 6951 (3 units).
  • Students who entered MSBA program after 1/1/2023 will follow the new curriculum with GBA 6761 (2 units), GBA 6762 (3 units), and GBA 6951 (2 units).