Master of Science in Business Analytics

To provide in-depth and rigorous training in Business Analytics, this program emphasizes both the technical and the application perspectives of data analytics. Graduates from this program are anticipated to be able to:

  • Develop business initiatives with strong story-telling ability
  • Lead organizational changes with data driven decision making
  • Proficiently use programming and database tools for descriptive, discovery, predictive, and prescriptive analytics

Graduates from this program will demonstrate in-depth knowledge in database, statistics, optimization, and decision theories, and be equipped with skills in Python/R, data warehousing, data mining, text mining and web analytics, big data analytics, and predictive/prescriptive modeling focusing on business applications. The program will focus on the implication of business analytics on various business functional areas such as marketing, supply chain management, finance, information systems, and prepare students with competencies to lead data-driven changes.